An All Inclusive Event at Red Horse Barn 
18381 Goldenwest Street, Huntington Beach CA 92648

Huntington Beach 
All Inclusive Weddings


Bridal Suite

Spacious and Eloquent 

The Red Horse Barn Bridal Suite is available to the Bride and Bridal Party up to three hours prior to the ceremony start time, through the conclusion of the event.  The Bridal Suite has views of the ceremony garden arbor,  the terrace gazebo, as well as the cocktail and reception areas. Leave the drapes open to allow the natural light to flow into the room or draw the drapes for complete privacy. The Bridal Suite is equipped with  air conditioning  or heated to provide personal comfort during any season of the year. 

A private restroom with full length wardrobe mirrors and many other amenities make this space perfect for the Bride and her entourage, 

Hair clips, hair spray, nail polish and much more, An All Inclusive Event keeps an inventory of many personal items that a bride, mother or bridal attendant  may find herself unexpectedly in need of.